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Can a traveller opt for all three services together?

Yes. A traveller can opt for any of the three services namely Air Baggage Sharing, Airport to Airport Delivery and Air Assistance or Fligt Companion, however once a match is found and communicated either for Baggage sharing OR Delivery, both options will be eliminated. The ASSISTANCE option will remain alive and in case any requirement of Air Assistance or Flight Companion is received, will also be matched and communicated.

Who will decide the consideration payable by the Availer to the Service Provider?

It is purely between Service provider and Availer. We have no role in deciding the consideration or payment terms at all.

What, if the Service Provider and Availer do not agree on the consideration and No deal takes place?

We connect the air travellers travelling on the same route. It is solely between the person posted the willingness to provide any specific service/s and the person willing to avail that Service, to crack a deal. No reimbursement, if charged, shall be made, once contact information of the Service Provider is communicated to the Availer irrespect whether the deal is concluded or not OR even withdrawn for any reason by either party.

What is role of service provider, in case of AIR BAGGAGE SHARING?

Once a deal of Air Baggage Sharing is done, the service provider and Availer should plan to checkin together at departure airport. Once Boarding pass is issued and the baggage tag is pasted behind the Boarding pass of the Availer, the role of Service provider is over. In case, the baggage tags are pasted on service provider’s Boarding pass, the service provider must accompany the availer till coming out from arrival gate of the destination airport. One must ensure that the shared baggage contains the stuff strictly permitted by airline regulations.

What is role of service provider, in case of ASSISTANCE?

The role of Flight Companion depends upon the nature of assistance required. However the common role remain from meeting outside the departure airport and ends at the arrival gate of the destination airport. Like in case of assisting an old person or a young child travelling alone, it should include meeting outside departure airport, Baggage X ray, Boarding together, Security check, Boarding and in flight assistance, assisting while collecting baggage from conveyor belt and coming out of destination airport together. It also includes ensuring meeting of the old person/young child with the people present to receive them.
In case of international travelling, it also includes, Immigration and custom clearance, language assistance and shifting of plane in case change of plane for destination airport from in between transit airport.

What is role of service provider, in case of DELIVERY?

Once a deal of Airport to Airport Delivery is done, the service provider must ensure that the stuff needs to be delivered is permitted by air regulations of the country. Further the contact details and the meeting point close to arrival gate of destination airport should be fixed well in advance. Once satisfied with the stuff, the service provider must take the delivery and carry till delivery is complete. He must remind the person responsible to take the delivery about his availability at designated place on destination airport to avoid loss of time at arrival gate.

Service Provider must arrange call the Availer while giving delivery to ensure that the delivery is being done to the authorised person.

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