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Promoters of this website were of the opinion when this idea was on its infant stage that in coming years, the airlines will be left with no choice except increase the fare in different names to increase its top line, which finally improve the bottom line by almost in the same absolute numbers and not in proportion. A decade ago, travelling in a flight was considered as a luxury and a privileged mode of transport suitable for HNIs, Industrialist and considered status symbol. Then an era of “0 Fare” or “Flight Ticket Sale” came and it changed the whole scenario of airline industry from an expensive mode of travel to a convenient, affordable and preferred mode, however, raising prices are cause of concern, due to shift in focus from revenue to profitability for most of the airlines. This made travellers to think twice and search for the best fare. Now air travelling has become a need to save time and enjoy convenience but cost still remains a challenge. Our vision is to be the most popular platform to connect air travellers for better resources utilization resulting in substantial reduction of air travelling cost.

A Win-Win solution for Air Travellers.

We connect air traveler, travelling from the same flight to the same destination for better resources utilization which eventually result in reduction in air travel cost. Even if, you are not travelling but wish someone to assist your friend or relative during travelling as flight companion or Airport to Airport delivery of say a gift hamper or any other airline permitted item at destination airport or to buy and deliver stuff from the source city or country. You choose the service and provide required input on AIRYATRI plateform. The plateform will connect you to the service provider matching your requirement. You both will have to interect and conclude the deal either way. We have no rule to play while making a deal for any of the services extended by the provider. It is purely between two of you. We do not charge from those willing to extend the services but from those willing to avail. Today's world value your inteligence. AIRYATRI facilitates you to travel smartly and economize your travel cost.

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