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Promoter of this website were of the opinion when this idea was on its infant stage that in coming years, the airlines will be left with no choice except increase and target the air baggage allowance permitted with the traveller to increase its top line, which finally improve the bottom line by almost in the same absolute numbers and not in proportion. Eventually, the airline will have to just change the parameters without incurring any significant cost on such change. After undertaking necessary study and analysis of functioning of the airlines not only in india but across the continent and devoting lot of time and paper work, our core team has reached the same conclusion and approved the execution. The news published in past confirms the beginning of the new era limiting air baggage allowance including hand baggage. Connecting the travellers initiative is expected to address this to a large extent, moreover it also provides solution for the other concerns of Air traveller.

A Win-Win solution for Air Travellers.

We will connect you with other traveller travelling from the same flight to the same destination with spare quantum of permitted air baggage allowance. You mutually discuss and properly plan your travel without paying exorbitant excess baggage charges or otherwise throwing your hard earned items at the airport. Even if, you are not travelling but wish someone to assist your friend or relative during travelling as flight companion or Airport to Airport deliver of say a gift hamper or any other permitted item in accordance with airline regulation, to someone at the destination airport, you can contact us to get connected with a traveller flying for the destination from your airport. We do not charge from those willing to extend the services but from those willing to avail. We just connect you to the Service Provider matching your requirement. You both will have to interact yourself and conclude the deal either way. We have no role to play while making a deal for any of the services extended by the provider. It is purely between two of you.

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