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Now a days flight has became a preferred mode of travel for even a common man. However, raising prices are cause of concern. This made travellers to think twice and search for the best fare. Now air travelling has become a need to save time and enjoy convenience but cost still remains a challenge. A smart air traveller needs to optimise the travel cost. If someone is flying alone or with just a back pack as a hand/carry on luggage and has unused quota of Air Baggage Allowance, here is a way to make few bucks by using our unique platform AIRYATRI and make money while flying. The airlines do not reduce the cost of air ticket even if you travel without luggage. AIRYATRI facilitate to utilize spare resource to your benifit and your time or luggage quota can be used by someone, who will contact you to offset the travel cost. We will connect you to the person, who wish someone to buy and bring required stuff from the source airport city or country and deliver at destination airport. We also provide flight companion service to assist old parents or a young child travelling alone and need assistance to reach in safe hands at the destination. A flight companion assists in Boarding, Security check, Immigration clearance, layover flight and in case of language problem etc. The other facility is meant for Airport to Airport delivery of desired stuff by fastest possible mode. We will connect you to someone flying on the desired route and willing to do the airport delivery of your stuff.

Buy n Carry

Buy n Carry service is meant to connect a willing traveller, who has spare baggage allowance and ready to buy desired goods on behalf of an availer for the agreed cost and deliver it at appropriate address or the destination airport as may be agreed. An availer is one who need a specific good / goods from the origin city or country of the willing traveler. Availer gets the goods faster and service provider makes money while travelling from origin to destination.

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Flight Companion

This Service has been devised to assist an old parent or a young child travelling alone and need assistance to reach in safe hands at the destination. If someone needs a flight companion right from departure gate till arrival gate of the destination airport to assist them during travel and to meet the designated person at the terminating airport, we are here to help you. It can be a good gesture from the co traveller, if known to you or you can strike a deal with mutual consensus. This service becomes inevitable in case of international travel which includes stopover/layover or change of flight within the travel. Moreover ignorance of the language used in the transit country do create problems at times.

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If you are looking for someone, who can make Airport to Airport delivery of your stuff say a gift hamper or any airline permitted stuff to a friend or relative staying abroad in the city of the destination airport. We are here to connect you to that someone flying on the same route on desired date and prepared to do the job for a consideration, which will be decided by you both mutually. This is the fastest way to deliver the required stuff with in the country or even abroad.

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