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If someone is flying with just a back pack as a hand/carry on luggage and has unused quota of Air Baggage Allowance, here is a way to make few bucks by Air Baggage Sharing because the airlines do not reduce the cost of air ticket even if you travel without luggage. All airlines charge for excess Air Baggage than the limited weight permitted with your ticket. This has been a standard approach for years; the difference now is that the costs are considerably high whereas the permitted baggage allowance is reduced. You might have to pay a much higher rate for balance excess weight. Most of the time, it is difficult to avoid such levy by being Charming and little sneaky. You can possibly charm airline staff into letting you off a few extra pounds of weight just by being polite, friendly to forgive your slightly heavier-than-usual bag but surely not few kilograms. Moreover such charm may not work on everyone and why to take a chance, if there is a cheaper way. Here is a place where such spare luggage space can be notified. Your luggage quota can be used by someone, who will contact you to offset the travel cost. It’s Renting your spare Baggage Allowance. One just need to inspect the luggage before trip to ensure carrying airline permitted goods through checked in luggage. We also provide service to assist old parents or a young child travelling along and need assistance to reach in safe hands at the destination. A flight companion for air travel assistance to assist in Boarding, Security check, Immigration clearance, Change of flight and in case of language problem etc.The other facility is meant for Airport to Airport delivery of airline permitted stuff. We will connect you to someone flying on the desired route and willing to do the airport delivery of your stuff.

Air Baggage Sharing

We provide a platform to match those with unused air baggage allowances and others on the same flight looking for spare resource to avoid such heavy charges. All airlines restrict quantum of hand and check in baggage that can be taken on-board by passenger and impose heavy charges on excess luggage. Travellers with extra space can post details of their journey through the site and – if another member can use it – get paid for carrying the luggage of others. Passengers surpassing their weight limit can take advantage by offering a deal for placing extra items on the plane. Given the propensity for airlines to do their very best to part you from your money when travelling by air, it's hardly surprising that baggage has become more and more a target of additional costs beyond the ticket. If you are not willing to pay heavy extra money to take your baggage to your destination, here is a solution.

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This Service has been devised to assist an old parent or a young child travelling alone and need assistance to reach in safe hands at the destination. If someone needs to be introduced with a co traveller travelling in the same flight and to the same destination to assist them to meet the desired person at the terminating airport,we are here to help you. It can be a good gesture from the co traveller or you can strike a deal for the same with mutual consensus. This service becomes inevitable in case of international travel which includes stopover/layover or change of flight within the travel. Moreover language used in the transit country do create problems at times.

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If you are looking for someone, who can deliver the gift hamper or any airline permitted stuff to a friend or relative staying abroad or bring the same for you from abroad, we are here to connect you to that someone flying on the same route on the desired date and prepared to do the job for a consideration, which will be decided by you both mutually.

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