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The Airport to Airport Delivery service is devised to deliver important stuff which may include office document or medication or anything permitted by airline regulation which need to reach the destination without waste of time. The service provider has to collect the stuff at departure gate of the starting airport and deliver to the designated person waiting at the arrival gate of the destination airport. The weight categories are as under:-

  • Weight under 5 Kgs
  • From 5 kgs to less than 10 Kgs
  • From 10 Kg to less than 15 Kg
  • 15 Kgs or more

The Airport to Airport Delivery service is almost alike the Air Baggage Sharing except that you need to deliver the stuff outside the destination airport. In case of Airport to Airport delivery, you need to collect the stuff, carry as hand or check in baggage and finally deliver outside the destination airport. Once the requirement of Availer is matched and communicated to Service provider, both entries will be omitted from the system, however if the service provider is in a position to serve further, the services will have to be entered on the portal again. Like a services provider has a spare allowance of say 10 kg and a availer is willing to share 6 kg, we will intimate the contact details of the service provider to the Availer, who will in turn contact and conclude the deal directly. Once the contact details are shared, both entires will be omitted from the system. Now, if deal is done, the service provider can make a fresh booking for the balance 4 Kg or if, deal is not done, it will have to make a fresh entry for 10 Kgs.
In the above example, if the availer is willing to send a small parcel like a cell phone and the contact information is shared by the portal, the service provider will have to make a new entry, if still willing to provide services for the same flight to anyone else.

Connect as Provider Connect as Availer

Once you get contact information of the service provider, please ensure the following

  • Interact with each other thoroughly and satisfy yourself with the genuineness.
  • Negotiate and decide the deal between yourself.
  • Reach airport little early to meet each other.
  • Inspect the stuff carefully and ensure that it is permitted stuff as per airlines regulations.
  • Call the receiver and fix meeting point close to arrival gate of destination airport to save the time.
  • Carry the stuff as your own taking all required precautions.
  • Deliver the stuff to the designated person at decided place on destination airport and call the sender to confirm delivery to the correct person.

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