Airyatri- Excessive Air Baggage Sharing by a Service Provider

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We connect a willing traveller, who has spare baggage allowance, and ready to buy requested goods by an availer from the source city or the country for the agreed cost and deliver it at appropriate address or the destination airport as may be agreed. An availer is one who need a specific good / goods from the origin city or country of the willing traveller. Availer gets the goods faster and service provider makes money while travelling from origin to destination. The weight categories are as under:- -

  • Weight under 5 Kgs
  • From 5 kgs to less than 10 Kgs
  • From 10 Kg to less than 15 Kg
  • 15 Kgs or more

We categorize the weight requirement to serve you better and identify the appropriate traveller, who has matching spare air baggage allowance. This classification will help us to direct the correct air traveller to you. The Service Provider will also post the spare weight in this category and will also get the optimised return for his services. Moreover you do not need to struggle and remit funds to the unknown vendor and place order to other country or city and wait for the delivery for long.

Once you know the appropriate air traveler willing to act as your service provider for buying on your behalf and delivering at your airport or the address, you can interact over phone to ensure the purchase of exact product desired well in advance before reaching to your airport and can be sure that your service provider is waiting for you to see you in person with your desired stuff. We will intimate the contact details of the service provider to conclude the deal directly.

Connect as Provider Connect as Availer

Once you get contact information of the service provider, please ensure the following

  • Interact with each other thoroughly and satisfy yourself with the genuineness.
  • Make sure that the product is permitted under Airline regulations.
  • Ensure that Availer understood the exact product, you wish him to buy on your behalf.
  • Negotiate and decide the price of the product.
  • Take original invoice and other documents to ensure the correctness of price.
  • Reach airport little early to take the delivery.

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