Air Baggage Sharing

We connect travellers of the same flight for sharing excess baggage of an availer by a co traveller willing to act as service provider, who will utilize the spare baggage allowance. The weight categories are as under:-

  • Weight under 5 Kgs
  • From 5 kgs to less than 10 Kgs
  • From 10 Kg to less than 15 Kg
  • 15 Kgs or more

We categorize the weight requirement to serve you better and identify the appropriate traveller, who is willing to share the baggage allowance with you. This classification will help us to direct the correct person to you. The Service Provider will also post the spare baggage allowance in the categories and will also get the optimised return for his services. Moreover you do not need to struggle with your extra baggage on the airport looking for someone, who in most cases will not entertain you irrespective of your Charm and politeness.
It is quite obvious that no one will be happy while travelling by air to be in such a situation where one is requesting the co traveller knowingly that none of them is willing to share the responsibility. Once you know your co traveller by contacting him well in advance before reaching to the airport and can be sure that your co traveller is waiting for you to see you in person to check in and board together.
Once the requirement of Availer is matched and communicated to Service provider, both entries will be omitted from the system, however if the service provider is in a position to serve further, a new entry of the services will have to be entered all afresh in the portal. Like a services provider has a spare allowance of say 10 kg and a availer is willing to share 5 kg, we will intimate the contact details of the service provider to the Availer, who will in turn contact and conclude the deal directly. Once the contact details are shared, both entires will be omitted from the system. Now, if deal is done, the service provider can make a fresh booking for the balance 5 Kg or if, deal is not done for whatever reason, a fresh entry will be needed to keep the offer open.

Connect as Provider Connect as Availer

Once you get contact information of the service provider, please ensure the following

  • Interact with each other thoroughly and satisfy yourself with the genuineness.
  • Negotiate and decide the deal between yourself
  • Reach airport little early to meet each other, This will help to create understanding between both travelers.
  • Have a thorough inspection done of the stuff being shared and ensure that it is permitted under Airline regulations.
  • Get the stuff screened together and proceed for check in.
  • Get the boarding pass and ensure that the baggage tag is pasted in the back of the Avalier’s boarding pass. This will make you free after boarding itself otherwise you may have to wait for the stuff collected on belt at destination airport and will have to come out of airport together.

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