This service is crafted to assist a co-traveller needing help right from the departure gate of starting airport till the arrival gate of the destination airport.

The type of assistance may vary from person to person and circumstances, however the main categories are as under :

  • Assisting a child travelling alone
  • Accompanying a first time Domestic or International air traveller.
  • Accompanying a Senior Citizen travelling alone
  • Accompanying a Senior Citizen on medication travelling alone

The Assistance which one need to extend will include but not limited to, while entering, screening and weighing of Check in baggage, issue of boarding pass, in flight assistance, collecting the luggage from respective belt and reaching at Arrival gate. In case of foreign travel it also includes Custom and Immigration clearance and may be change of flight on some domestic or international airport and also require language assistance while travelling. A dependent person looking for someone as companion right from Departure Gate till Arrival gate of the destination airport.

Connect as Provider Connect as Availer

Once you get contact information of the service provider, please ensure the following

  • Interact with each other thoroughly and satisfy yourself with the genuineness.
  • Negotiate and decide the deal between yourself.
  • Reach airport little early to meet each other and the person need assistance. This will help to create understanding between both travelers.
  • Get mobile number and other contact details of the person who will present at the destination airport.
  • Call the receiver and ensure that some one is present well in advance to attend and receive the traveller needing assistance outside arrival gate of the destination airport to save your precious time.
  • Decide the meeting point in advance outside the destination airport.
  • Assist the person in all aspect right from entering the departure gate of starting airport till arrival gate of the destination airport.
  • Call the availer and ensure that the receiver is correct person, who is suppose to receive the traveler needing assistance.

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