“Bon Voyage” is a French phrase which is used to wish a good flight and journey most of the time. Travelling by plane is indeed exciting for anyone however it may become stressful if you are first time air traveller or loaded with excess air baggage or even not acquainted with the language being used by the crew members sometimes.

Promoter has travelled extensively for projects in many countries across the continents and well aware of the frequent problems encountered by the travellers. We offer a range of services, all designed to help you to overcome these embarrassing situation while travelling. Whether you're worried for high extra baggage charges, travelling of your grandma to a foreign destination or sending a gift hamper to your daughter or parents leaving anywhere in the world, This platform connects you to share the spare resources for mutual benefit. The service crafted to provide Air Baggage Sharing, Air Travel assistance and Airport to Airport delivery of airline permitted goods from departure gate of starting airport till arrival gate of the destination airport.

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Our focus is to make the air travelling a better experience. The moment you hear from ground staff “I am sorry sir, your air baggage is overweight by few kgs and you need to pay excess baggage charges.” Your spontaneous reply usually is “One moment let me take few things out” but next moment you do not know what to do with such stuff laying out on the floor. Our sole purpose is to connect air travellers well in advance in case you anticipate any such situation.

Many international travellers faces extra air baggage problem while shifting to a domestic budget airline. The check in stuff in a domestic airline is generally close to half of what is permitted in an international airline. The traveller from a second ranked city encounter this problem while travelling to or coming back from a foreign country. One has either to forego the extra weight allowance in international airline or pay exorbitantly high extra baggage charge to a domestic airline. We match and refer you a co traveller, who can help you.

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